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Kickboxing is a great full body workout for those wanting to improve their martial arts skills, whilst working up a real sweat! Within our kickboxing classes, you will work on technique, agility, strength, coordination, flexibility and fitness!

Our classes always start with a warm up and then move into learning various techniques from our experienced coaches including punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes as well as defence and standing clinching.

Our kickboxing classes are for men and women and can be modified for all levels from beginners to advanced. During the classes students will work together in pairs and groups practicing technical drills and sparring in a controlled environment to help develop their skill set in a safe manner

Equipment Required: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, mouthguard/gum shield


Boxing, often referred to as the ‘Sweet Science’ has a rich history and at the amateur level is both an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport. Boxing classes at Elevate will show real technique tailored to each member’s ability and challenge them both physically and mentally improving fitness, coordination and strength.

In a safe group environment you will learn how to throw and defend various punching combinations; built around progression, and the basics of movement and tactics. As you progress you will learn how to combine punches and movement to execute your attacks and stifle your opponent’s offence; you will also learn more advanced tactics, like how to draw an attack from your opponent and capitalise on their reaction. Our classes can easily be adapted to all skill levels from beginner to advanced so whatever your level you will not be out of place.

Equipment Required: Boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouthguard/gum shield, head guard optional 


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