These classes focus on improving your overall strength through the 3 fundamental Power Lifting exercises – Squat, Bench and Deadlift. Our coaches will analyse your technique, encourage confidence in lifting, and cheer you on all the way. Strength Dynamic Effort and Strength Max Effort require you to do 101 first. Once you’ve been told you can attend DE or ME in 101 class, you’re good to go!

Strength 101
Strength 101 is an entry level strength class. This is where you will learn to perform the lifts correctly, efficiently and most importantly – safely.

 Strength Dynamic Effort
Dynamic Effort classes are designed to improve your explosive power. Here, we move weights in fast, explosive fashion through multiple sets with short rest periods.

 Strength Max Effort
Max Effort classes are designed to improve your top-end strength. Here is where we lift heavy and learn to strain under load.