Coach Wali

Expertise: Wrestling

Wali is our wrestling coach and has been training and competing around Europe in Olympic Freestyle Wrestling for over 9 years. He is also a purple belt in BJJ under Roger Gracie which helps him to adapt wrestling takedowns to BJJ/MMA competitors. Wali’s classes are for all levels, as he has worked with people ranging from the absolute beginner, to helping high level BJJ practitioners and fighters ready to compete in the UFC/Bellator/BAMMA and more.

Wali’s achievements include:

  • Former member of the British National Team
  • National Champion Wrestler
  • Medalled in International Freestyle Wrestling Competitions 

You can find Wali teaching our takedown classes. He is also available for PT to help you progress rapidly in with your Wrestling/takedowns, or if you just want to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle.