Our Boxing classes will show real technique tailored to each member’s ability and challenge them. Our coaches are all fighters with a pro record, teaching combinations and technique used by them personally in the ring!

Boxing Basics
You will learn how to throw and defend various combinations; built around progression, and the basics of movement and tactics.The perfect beginner’s class to get you started on your boxing journey.

Boxing INT/ADV­­­
You will learn how to combine punches and movement to execute your attacks and stifle your opponent’s offence; you will also learn more advanced tactics, like how to draw an attack from your opponent and capitalise on their reaction.

Our Sparring classes are for individuals ready to take their boxing to the next level. Mouthguards are a necessity in this class, shin guards are required for those wanting to add kicks to their personal ammunition of attacks. Please ask our coaches if they recommend you attend these classes depending on your skill level.